Mission and Vision

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To improve the economic opportunities for women through a mentorship network program by offering support (coaching, training and mentoring) to potential young Jordanian women entrepreneurs in developing and implementing their business ideas. We do this through: coaching, mentoring, inspiring and connecting!


To create Amali Mentorship Network, which is a mentorship network of successful female entrepreneurs to help more women startup entrepreneurs take the step towards successful self-employment that reclaims their rights and freedoms and earn a better living. This in turn helps their families to flourish, their communities to prosper and economies to grow.


Entrepreneurship is unquestionably on the rise and gaining popularity the world over with young and old people venturing on their own business paths in every imaginable sector.

For women entrepreneurs, however, certain social, economic and structural challenges still face them, including tough competition against their male counterparts, limited funding, minimal support and lack of education.

In Jordan, however, it is unfortunate that entrepreneurship has been declining in recent years and is particularly not as promising as it once was for women with the total entrepreneurial activity in Jordan decreasing from 18.3 % in 2014 to a mere 8.3%  in 2016,  as per “The Journey of Female Entrepreneurs in Jordan” research findings which were published in November 2018.

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor, especially female entrepreneurs. We believe that entrepreneurs can learn from their mentors’ mistakes and successes, shared lessons from their experiences and their advice. Besides building a trusted and long-term relationship, mentors can also expand entrepreneur’s social network by sharing their own network and sometimes going further by making the connections.

We believe that an entrepreneurial journey is much richer, less difficult and more enriching with having a mentor on board.

The power of mentorship can make a difference in any entrepreneurial journey, which is why we provide the strengths of coaching, training and mentoring for female entrepreneurs so they can succeed in their business journey.

We believe in the power of continuity and network, which is why our mentoring is a mentoring network “Amali Mentorship Network” that connects all coached, trained and mentored entrepreneurs with those still to be coached so that a network of support and strength is created at all levels for women across Jordan.